CIRCA 1987 // On the San Francisco shoreline with my brother Niko awaiting the arrival of the Blue Angels. I'm the kid on the left rocking the red pants and awesome blue shirt with suspenders.


Since I was a kid...

... I’ve had big stories rattling around in my head — stories that seemed impossible to tell without mastering some medium. 

But as I've grown older and moved more into a world of collaborative creativity, it’s hard not to live in the realm of “anything is possible.” I'm  astounded by the amazing giftedness of the storytellers, musicians, artists and oddballs that I've the privilege of crossing paths with. 

When we work together, I’m reminded that we are made to tell stories and that there's no story too big to tell.

Today I...

... work directing, shooting & editing film content, have more recently delved into the magical world of audio theatre production (see project here), have a bit of web & print production under my belt, and when time allows, I often find myself scheming with others about what creative shenanigans we can get into next.

Also.... sandwiches.